Der Staatsanwalt „Gut Genug

„3…“ Rathaus Wiesbaden

Herr Eichhorn und ich 🙂 Ausstellung mit der Gruppe Eichhorn 20.9.-28.9.23

ARTe Wiesbaden 2023

ARTe Wiesbaden 2023
ARTe Wiesbaden 2023
Exhibition in the ABKLATSCH. Will be great fun again. Lots of new paintings. Lots from my new series EMPTY BLUE SKYS. See you there 🙂

GLITTER AND GLIMMER an exhibition in Wiesbaden BadHaus 1520 Vernissage on October the 10th, 19 Uhr. It will be fantastic. The beautiful space down below the pub. Oled brick wall, vaulted ceilings. I will manage to show lots of large paintings, that have not been seen before. I can just imagine them coming to life there, down below. I´ll be seeing you …

Which ones to take????!!!!!


ARTe 2022 saw me at my usual place A9. The Art was a great success. Here a few images 🙂

total chaos chosing which paintings to take along
at LAST!! 🙂
Flyer Front ARTe 2022
Flyer Rückseite


Nothing came of the show OUT IN THE WOODS -yet.

But: I did a lovely exhibition in the FRAGMENTE in Wiesbaden, Blücherstraße.

15.2.2021 Plans:

Exhibition: OUT IN THE WOODS will be a show outside. Ishall display chosen paintings in the woods outside of Wiesbaden and make a virtual walk through. Of course you are all invited to come and see. Sometime in Spring, when the weather allows.

Exhibition: GREEN HOUSE is being planned on a one night session in an abandoned green house in Wiesbaden. This depends on how our Corona situation is. We´ll put up paintings, there will be music, and drinks. Next morning we´ll take all down. I think it will be brilliant. Lots of fun.

ARTe Wiesbaden 2021 will see me beginning of September at a fair stand again. Please contact me for free entry tickets…

14.2.2021 One year of corona. All happens behind closed doors. It makes me tired and listless. I`m sure evreybody feels this way. Nothings been happening, nothing is really planned to happen. It shows me how important it is to share what I do. How much I miss feed back, praise and harsh criticism. all seems airless.

The upside is, I´m working on my website:)

Here a small history:

Kunstmesse ARTe Wiesbaden September 2020, my fair stand
Oh, dear, I look rather tired here. I think I just daydreamed a little, before going back into interaction
It was kind of fun, the ARTe Wi, but also hard work. All in all it was great though, lots of people came to view my work. And I had good conversations. A few CATPeople founf new homes and two paintings. I hope you still enjoy the purchases:) See you sooooon.

Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden

SWEET JESUS was exhibited in the Wiesbaden Frauenmuseum 28.2.2020 until August 28.2020

That SWEET JESUS was exhibited here was a funny coincidence. I had submited her to the Exhibition Frauentag in the Wiesbaden Rathaus. But, as I understood she could be shown there, because of her display of her penis. Fortunatly Frau Klein from the Frauenmuseum was at the curation and wanted S.J. for their show. „Frauen am Kreuz“. The history of that theme was so fitting for S.J. , as if I´d painted her for excactly this occasion:)

I think I painted her, because I grew up with the image of the good sweet Jesus when I was small. And later I felt that he must have been a very real, progressiv, good person. So I am fond of him in a nonreligios way. Maybe added to that the song from Tom Waits, whom I adore „Chocolate Jesus“ inspired me to paint him. I wanted Jesus to be a woman and a man, a transsexual. I wanted her to be tacky and sexy. All things I believe have no home in our society especially not in Church. S.J.s face I painted kind. For she is tolerant. The Jesus of Nazareth would get on well with her. I think they would even have to speak much, for both stand for Love and Tolerance.

Exhibition Atelier Eichhorn

29.6.2019 I did a great show in Roman Eichhorns Atelier.

Roman Eichhorn, a painter who studies Art in Moscows University was one of me most patient and strictes teacher. I am thankful for the skills and workmanship he taught me.

ARTe Wiesbaden 2020

The Art fair in Wiesbaden was a great success. So many people came to view our work. It was also great fun to meet so many different people, than from the usual art shows.


Zirkus was a show in the Rathaus in Wiesbaden 10. October, 2018 for two weeks. It was an exhibition organized from the Atelier Römerberg. The theme was…. 🙂 all about the Circus. I love the idea of a circus. the travelling way of life, the great art even the animals, all though that is a very contoverse topic. I taught children from a small circus once. They in turn invited me to see their show. And a few day later we met up for a hack. me with my horse, the kids with asmall shetland and a very beautiful white arabian stallion (little girls dream). The kids were on and off their rides without saddle or anything. their biggest fear were the wild boars in the woods (whom we didn´t meet). At the end of the hack the children persuaded me to ride their stallion. So in a very undignified heaving and shoving they managed to push me on top of that beauty. I don´t remember much of riding the stallion. I think I was glad to be off and back on my good old Karthago. But these girls, their wildness and frankness was lovely. I often wonder what they are up to now.

Bicycle bear, 2018, oil on canvas, 120cmx150cm

The bear is highly concentrated on his bike. I think he belongs into the forest. But I wonder if he is content with his life. Of course it is not natural. But if his cage is comfortable, his food good, his playtime and excercise enough. I compare myself, a human with the bears lot. Not being able to roam free, meet other bears, have babies, hunt, sleep but also the downside of mother nature; starvation, cold, hunters after my skin, sickness…no netflix

A very very contoverse topic, I don´t want to be stuck on either side of it.

Plakat Zirkus


15.2.-27.2.2018 Rathaus Wiesbaden

A very good show with 3 other painters for the day of women.

I exhibited some of my self portraits. The visitors loved them . It was a great show.

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